We are an association of Mortgage Investment Corporations, Mortgage Funds, Mortgage Trusts, and other Mortgage Investment Entities (MIE) distributed through a registered entity recognized by the OSC.  Our purpose is to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between members
  • Present a unified voice to regulators and other stakeholders to protect the specific interests of our industry
  • Set and uphold industry standards for ethics and professionalism
  • As an advocacy group for the MIE “community” dealing primarily with securities regulators (such as the Ontario Securities Commission) to further their understanding of the business of MIE’s and ensuring the regulation of capital raising is fair, simple, and specific to our industry.
  • To raise the profile and understanding of MIE’s in the minds of both investors and capital raising industry participants.
  • To assist the members of our organization with advice, problem solving, professional referrals, and investor referrals.