Membership Information

Member Benefits

Membership in the organization has several benefits including:

  • Workshops and speakers from legal, accounting, and other professionals on topics relevant to our industry, with a focus on Ontario based issues
  • Networking opportunities and events to help your business grow
  • A unified voice to regulators and other stakeholders

Membership Criteria

1. The Member Firm’s primary source of income is derived from being or managing a “Mortgage Investment Entity” (e.g. Mortgage Investment Corporation, Mortgage Trust, Mortgage Limited Partnership, etc.) whose securities are distributed through a registered entity recognized by the OSC

2. Conducts business in an ethical and professional manner that reflects positively on the industry

3. Approval by ONMICA’s Membership Committee

Membership Fee

Annual membership fee of $700 (Expires December 31st each year)

ONMICA Application Form 2019

ONMICA Renewal Form 2019

For more information on membership, please contact